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Bill Peterseim, CFP, CMFC is a Certified Financial Planner速 and a Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor. He is a former Stock Broker, (#2 nationally for his last Broker/Dealer) and has over 30 years experience in real estate as an agent, Manager, trainer, and/or broker/owner, and syndicator.

Mr. Peterseim has served on or chaired a number of Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors, including those of a Workshop for Physically Handicapped and Mentally Challenged; a Public Relations firm and 3D Television (without glasses) technology firm; a residential real estate and leasing firm; Currently, Bill serves on the Board of "Love and Care Ministries International,' spreading the gospel throughout the nation of India housing and providing love and care for, and meeting the educational needs and aspirations of hundreds of abandoned or "thrown away" orphans and homeless children who would otherwise be put in human trafficking.

Mr. Peterseim has designed and taught his own Financial Planning and Aviation courses at a Christian High School and Financial Planning at corporate level, Including Ford Motor Co. and the UAW. Being a 20th century Historian, he has served as guest Historian, lecturing at several high schools, public and Christian, and at multiple colleges. To date, he has actively participated in not only the first-ever, but nearly all subsequent "Patriot Camps" and "Liberty Schools" throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area, teaching children, ages 7-12 the origins of our nation and its founding Fathers and documents. The first such program was featured in the children's education section of Glenn Beck's new network website. Mr. Peterseim has also designed, written, and taught entire salesmanship courses to hundreds of Realtors and conducted countless public Financial Seminars.

He doesn't just "talk" patriotism, but has walked it since his youth. His first foray into fund raising was with his Father in the early 1950's as a 10 year old, helping the Kiwanis International raise funds, door to door, for Radio Free Europe. After interning with his Dad for 5 homes, Bill was off on his own raising funds across the streets from his Dad. At 12, he joined his Dad periodically on Sunday mornings going into the old Crile VA Hospital in Parma, OH and wheeling bed-ridden patients from both WWII and Korea, into Chapel services. At 19, armed with his Electronics Technician certificate and 1st Class FCC Radio Telephone License with Radar Endorsement, Bill landed a job conducting electronic surveillance on the Ionosphere and atmosphere above the Soviet Union at the height of The Cold War. On his 20th birthday, as a civilian, he was awarded his Top Secret Clearance and 90 days later was the first to detect the Soviets breaking the Nuclear Test Moratorium, as one of only 6 men worldwide to do so. That heralded the start of the last great round of nuclear and thermonuclear tests globally. Later, Bill joined the USAF, trained in Nuclear Missiles, and was assigned to SAC during Vietnam, serving 4 years, Honorably Discharged. He continued his college education during his entire AF stint.

In the 1980s, Bill wrote and hosted a popular financial series on Christian Radio during which he generated record listener responses by his startling prophetic predictions of upcoming massive bank failures and the subsequent demise of the FSLIC insuring agency for S&Ls. Listeners couldn't believe that possible, yet it all came to pass, as he predicted. His warnings came YEARS before any from either Washington or Wall Street

In January 1994, Bill warned his investors of a bad year in stocks and especially bonds as he predicted The Fed would go overboard in raising interest rates which would kill bond prices and, if they did what he expected, could trigger, by late spring, a "Correction" (10% or greater decline) in the stock market. Consequently, he repositioned everyone out of bond exposure by early Feb. That spring, with more interest rate hikes by The Fed, stocks plummeted but Bill missed his mark. They only fell 9.8%, so no "Correction" was recorded. For bonds, however, a true disaster as the year went down as "The worse year for bonds since 1926".

In December 1994, Bill predicted as he parted company with another CFP with whom he had planned to partner, a "great year in the stock market and for bonds, in 1995". His would-be partner differed, predicting a bad year. Bill predicted this by his "reading between the lines" of statements by The Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, while his "partner" focused on only the remarks themselves. Bill was right. 1995 was one of the best years in the market ever and bonds made a significant recovery. Bill also differed with that partner on his top choice in mutual funds for 1995. At the time there were approximately 5,000 mutual funds, by recollection. His partner's favorite, ended in the bottom 10. Not 10%, the bottom 10 of 5,000+. Bill's came in #1 or the same 5,000+ funds.

In January 2006, Bill warned fellow Board Members of the potential looming disaster for banking and the public from the largely unknown exposure of banks to Derivatives. In 2007 and early 2008, he warned of an impending stock market crash. Again, both events are now history.

He is an accomplished speaker, has won numerous speech contests at different levels in Toastmasters International. He is an accomplished writer and editor. He successfully served as Publicity Chairman writing and issuing all Press Releases for a State-wide Political Organization, giving them their best Press Coverage in over 2 years. He served as financial columnist for the largest Christian publication in another state.

Mr. Peterseim has a strong political and historian background. He is a physical fitness advocate, SCUBA diver and multi- engine commercial pilot.

He is available for Speaking Engagements for your club, church, or company.